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Updated: Jan 20, 2018

Dear Ms. Epps of Helping Hands & Helping Others

Thank you for sponsoring our family this year for the holidays. Kaitlyn and Asheville enjoyed their new toys and clothes that the children gave them. Ashley already started wearing her coat and scarf that very day. Kaitlyn also enjoyed her clothes and books that she received.

(Pictured with Michelle Davis another recipient of our Charitable giving)

She put on a fashion show for us. I am very thankful for the shoes that I received from you. They were the exact colors I wanted. I have already worn them and they are awesome. The books the children gave me were cute. They weren't on my reading level, so I read them to my sisters at bedtime. The scarf I also received is very fashionable. I am going to wear it with my coat.

Ashley already started wearing her coat and scarf that very day.

The girls and I are truly happy, thankful, and appreciative to receive our gifts from you and the children. We will pay all of your kindness forward in our acts and deeds.

Sincerely, The McCall- Burroughs Family

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