Our Programs

HHHO provides a variety of programs to strengthen our relationships with dysfunctional families and help build healthy lifestyles that will decrease barriers that impact their welfare.


Do you enjoy working with young people?

Can you assist in providing the guidance for these individuals to improve the quality of life for children?

We offer Mentoring Programs to come together to share resources, exchange information and spend quality time with the youth in our programs. We don't just spend a few hours a week, we spend a
average of 8- 10 hours with each child on a individual basis. In additional to this time, we have a
Group Meet-up the third (3rd) Saturday of each month to focus on Social and Self Awareness Skills. 

Our programs provide providing valuable critical thinking, public speaking, etiquette, and
interpersonal relationship skills.  Getting involved in our programs could change your life as well
as theirs.  Our programs (listed below) offer a variety of services and programs from ages 7 through 18.

We offer many ways in which you can make a difference by volunteering and/or mentoring our youth. Please complete the form below, and we will contact you with additional information with our Mentor's Application Package. All volunteers are subject to a criminal history background check. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mentoring/Community Based Programs

Involves relationship with a child during the week for 2 to 4 hours, in the community that is compatible with his/her mentor. Common activities include museums, trips to library, sports, and building self-esteem. Children ages 7-18 are accepted into the community base program from single parent families.

           •    Social and Self Awareness Skills

           •    Introduction to goal setting

           •    Critical Thinking

           •    Personal development
           •    Public Speaking

           •    Relationship Counseling Sessions



HHHO In-House Activities - mentee’s enjoying mentoring day every other Monday. We are so delighted to have them join our youth program. Where kids matter. For more information, please contact the online form or contact our office for more details. Our new office hours are Monday thru Friday 8am -6pm.

Volunteer and Community Service Form

Thanks for wanting to join our Team! Message sent.



A Parent's Letter
I would like to take this time to thank Helping Hands Helping Others, Inc. and their entire staff for the opportunity granted to my daughter on last week. 

The opportunity granted to her to participate in the trip to Washington DC., was not only educational but also a fun experience for her as well. After the trip, Nyla could not stop talking about all the things she learned and the friends she made during this trip. I am so glad that Helping Hands was able to offer this opportunity to my daughter during a pertinent time in her life. I look forward to supporting this organization and its cause in the future.


~ Parent, Carmen Allison-Perry


Concession Staff Complimented
I wanted to compliment your concession staff by the 418 section of the stadium. 

We ordered the $10 voucher per ticket and had no idea how it worked. Your concession staff did an amazing job explaining it to us, worked fast and hard to complete our order for 2 adults and three kids, and was exceptional to us as guests. It is rare to find people who work hard, love what they do, and want to make sure paying guests are enjoying their time. I just wanted you to know as we'll definitely come back because of your staff working the concession area of 418 (I believe one of the ladies was Kierra). Thanks again for a great fan experience! Go Braves!


~ Johnny